The Lost Book of Remedies Review

By Editor
October 13, 2022
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What is The Lost Book of Remedies ?

Ever since the Covid pandemic hit, we’ve been talking more about our immunity than ever before. These days we have vaccines and other methods that supposedly help.

But how did our ancestors stay healthy? If you looked back, you’d notice that a lot of the current health problems we face now didn’t affect the people back then.

While their life expectancy was shorter, because they lacked the creature comforts and technological advancements that we currently have, they were not as easily prone to problems such as inflammation, obesity, diabetes and more.

There’s a reason for that. Herbal remedies and tonics were a lot more popular back then.

These days we pop pills to mask the symptoms. We have a pill for everything and yet, nothing gets better.

To achieve good health, you must get to the root of the problem. Very often, you’ll need a holistic remedy to achieve this. Chamomile tea when consumed every night, will put an end to your insomnia. Taking a sleeping pill will not. 

Brewing ginger, garlic and lemon and drinking the remedy daily will help reduce your cholesterol much more effectively, than statins will.

There’s a plethora of herbal remedies, that will help millions with their nagging health issues. The problem here is that most people have forgotten these remedies.

2 experts in this field, who have a wealth of knowledge about herbal remedies, are still trying to educate the world with their bestselling guide – The Lost Book of Remedies.

This is an extremely popular book which has received rave reviews. Let’s see why…

The Lost Book of Remedies Benefits

This book is an ‘authoritative’ tome. Very few other herbal remedies books have such a large selection of herbal remedies to choose from. 

One can even go so far as to say, that this is the only book on the subject you need to get. It has everything you need to know when it comes to herbal remedies.

The Lost Book of Remedies has been an online bestseller for years! With thousands of copies sold and many satisfied customers, you have all the social proof you need, to trust that this product delivers what it says on the tin. It’s really that good.

The authors, Claude Davis and Dr. Nicole Apelian are highly respected authorities on the subject. In fact, there’s a video on the official website featuring Dr. Nicole. These are real people and not pseudonyms.

The video is informative, hard hitting and exactly what you need to watch, to understand how the product will help you.

You’ll get immediate access to the product upon payment. You could actually be making your herbal recipes 20 minutes from now. Yes, it’s that fast.

While the book is about herbal remedies to improve your health, it also gives you information on developing crucial survival skills. During tough survival scenarios, when there’s a shortage of food and more ,  giving your body the nutrients it needs becomes more difficult.

However, with the recipes in this guide, you’ll be able to get more nutrients with limited portions. As long as you know what foods matter, you’ll get more nutrients even if you eat less food.

Just like how eating one small apple, benefits your body more than eating a big bowl of sugary cereal – a simple herbal remedy will give your body more nutrients, than a large meal made up of empty calories.

Every recipe comes with an ingredient list for easy shopping. You’re told how to make the remedies in a step-by-step manner. You’ll be amazed at how easy it all is. No cooking knowledge or experience needed. 

Don’t worry. You won’t be brewing witchcraft potions where you need to find python scales and snail shells. The herbs and ingredients needed for the herbal remedies, are easily available at your local supermarket.

With the information in The Lost Book of Remedies, you’ll be able to treat inflammation, indigestion, flu, hypertension, headaches and many other issues.

Since the ingredients used are natural, there’ll be no side effects. 

Another point to note: the efficacy of holistic remedies will depend on an individual’s constitution. For example, ginger tea may be very effective at easing headaches for John, but may have no effect on Susan.

This is one peculiarity of these herbal remedies. They’re not a one-size-fits-all solution. The good news is that there are tons of different remedies in Claude and Nicole’s book… and several ways to treat the same problem.

So, it’s just a matter of trial and error here until you find a remedy that works for you.

The product is very affordable and within the reach of most people. It’ll pay health dividends many times over, if you apply the wealth of information within.

The Lost Book of Remedies is backed by a full 60 day moneyback guarantee. There’s no risk for you here. Buy it and check it out. You’ll definitely think it’s one of the best purchases you ever made. If you don’t like it, you can get a refund.

The Lost Book of Remedies Details

Weighing in at 300 pages, this book can be overwhelming. But if you just read 5 to 10 pages a day, you’d be done in a month. 

You don’t have to read it from cover to cover. Just pick the remedies that you think will help you and make them. This product is more of a recipe book than a novel.

There’s no audio or video version. Those who don’t enjoy reading will not be too pleased with it. But once again, it’s just short herbal remedies for you to make. You’re not whipping up a 7 course meal. So, don’t be put off just because it’s in text format.

This book is only available online. You’ll need a credit or debit card and an internet connection to purchase and download it.


Overall, you should get it, absolutely! If you’re a survivalist, this book will be something you refer to all the time. 

It’s comprehensive and detailed – and when it comes to herbal remedies, this guide is second to none!

The authors are experts in their field and fully qualified to show you how to use herbs to boost your health and immunity. This is especially crucial now, because we’re living in an age where a pandemic has the world in its clutches.

While the world debates about whether the vaccines actually help, you can be sure that the herbal remedies in Claude’s and Nicole’s book will help you boost your immunity.

Forget the GNC supplements and health boosters. Our bodies crave for nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants found in natural foods.If you  Don’t know what these foods are or how to use them in remedies, Don’t worry. The Lost Book of Remedies has you covered. Get it and start making and consuming these potent tonics today. You’ll see and feel the difference within a few short weeks.

This product is awesome. Click my link below to see their website, where you’ll be able to purchase The Lost Book of Remedies.

I’m Aphelia, and I hope you found this review helpful.